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That Blue Bike


If you’re interested at all in bicycling, take a look at my latest side project this summer. That Blue Bike is a new blog focused on bike commuting and touring. Expect to find product reviews, technical information, and trip reports from some of the bicycling adventures I’ve been on lately.

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June / July Link Roundup


Cocoa developer Matt Gemmell tells us why our application’s website sucks. I admit to making some of these mistakes in the past, although I think I fixed most of them in my most recent set of updates.

Alexander Repty released a PDF reader for iPad, Folio Case, right around the time Apple announced PDF support in iBooks. Alexander has written a lot about his experience on his blog and Twitter, and it’s an interesting story to read.

Speaking of iBooks, if you’re looking for free content in .epub format there’s nothing better than The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Dave Caolo’s new Apple blog, 52 Tigers, has a great post about the small changes in iOS 4 you may have missed.

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A September Link Roundup


Daniel Jalkut has a good round up of open source crash reporter tools for your Cocoa applications. This is a subject I’ve been looking into myself lately.

I enjoyed the artwork by 9000. It’s desktop-worthy stuff, although I wish it was higher resolution.

Brandon Walkin has a good blog post on managing UI complexity. There are some great tips on what goes into good UI design here.

I’ve always wanted a Katzenklavier.

Finally, Best of Wikipedia is updated frequently with interesting topics on Wikipedia. It’s a great way to kill some time when you’re bored.

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Link Roundup


Steven Frank critiques the Office 2010 UI. I gave up on Office and started using iWork exclusively a little over a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier.

Set piece replicas of the Fifth Element stones are on sale for $240. They’re expensive, and yes I want them. I WANT… THE STONES.

Tweetie for Mac OS X is out, and it’s great. I’ve tried a lot of Twitter clients this year, and Tweetie is the first one to really replace the web interface for me. John Gruber has an interesting write-up on why the Twitter client app market has exploded recently.

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