Marware’s Sportsuit Sensor+ now availible

September 18, 2006

Two of my big hobbies are running and technology, so it’s no surprise the Nike iPod+ sensor has been one of my favorite new devices this year. While the sensor and iPod software are great, the shoes Nike offers are both limited and expensive. When you pick a running shoe, it’s extremely important you pick one that’s right for you. This means going to a specialized running shop (no, not Footlocker) and having a gait analysis done. Any reputable running shop is going to stick you on a treadmill, videotape or watch you run for a minute or two, and recommend a shoe based on how your foot lands as you’re running.

Picking the wrong shoe can easily lead to both short-term and even long-term injuries, which is why you shouldn’t rush out and pick up a new pair of Nikes just to use them with your iPod.

Marware’s newest product is a “case” for the Nike sensor, which clips onto your existing shoe and provides a little pouch you can place it in. Alternatively, you can use velcro or duct-tape (anything, really) to attach your sensor to non-Nike shoes, but the Marware case seems like a secure, nice looking approach that isn’t too expensive. I’ve heard that the sensor is still accurate even when you’re not using Nike shoes, so I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

Marc Charbonneau is a mobile software engineer in Portland, OR. Want to reply to this article? Get in touch on Twitter @mbcharbonneau.