Friday Project

September 22, 2006

I started a new project at work this morning. It’s a client-server helpdesk application, that allows users to fill out a request form on our intranet site, which puts an entry in our database and notifies me and my boss at our desks via a system tray application. I know there’s a lot of free (and expensive) helpdesk applications out there already, but honestly I’ve never seen one that’s as transparent, easy to use and maintain, and (dare I say it) stylish as what I’m planning. I’m using ASP / C# / .NET 2.0 / MS-SQL, all of which work really well for a project like this. A lot of the code is similar to tools I’ve written in the past, so I had a good portion of it finished by the time I left today. I’m really excited about how it’s going to turn out, and I think it’s going to simply things a lot for us.

I haven’t forgotten about Cocoa; in fact, I’ll probably rewrite the notification client as a neat little Growl integrated OSX app once I’m done with the Windows side of things. All part of my eventual plan to get my boss to buy a few more Macs for us to play with at the office.

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