Tangerine for OSX

October 19, 2006

Potion Factory released their newest application today, Tangerine. In short, it analyzes the beats per minute of songs in your iTunes library, which you can use to generate custom playlists. You might use it to create a playlist of fast songs for your workout, slow songs to listen to before you go to bed, or just beat match songs if you want to be a DJ without all the work.

I remember trying to find an “assign beat count” item hidden in the menus somewhere in iTunes years ago when I first bought my Mac. Since then, I’ve kept an eye out for an application like this; I’ve seen a few scripts and applications that served the same purpose, but Tangerine is the first one that looked nice enough to really catch my eye.

(I’m not just writing about this because Potion Factory is running a promotion if you mention Tangerine on your blog; I really am excited about this application.)

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