SpamSieve is my new favorite OSX application

November 01, 2006

Like most hosting companies, 1&1 includes free anti-spam protection. It includes bayesian filtering and a few other tricks, but routinely lets 3 or 4 through a day; not a big deal, but those interruptions get annoying quickly.

Thanks to John Gruber mentioning it on Monday, I gave SpamSieve a try. It’s incredible. SpamSieve doesn’t have a prettied-up UI, and it takes a little work to get it set up, but it’s extremely effective. My email addresses have been harvested by spam bots time and time again, and out of the hundreds of spam emails I get each day SpamSieve has let zero through once I trained it properly. That includes those .gif “stock tips,” the Japanese spam, everything; and I haven’t seen any false positives yet either. I love it.

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