Windows Vista activation DNS bug (error 0x8007232b)

March 15, 2007

One of the nice things about having a Software Assurance subscription at work is that I have access to Windows Vista Enterprise, which comes with all sorts of goodies and can be downloaded straight from Now, the way volume licensing is handled is completely different than it was in Windows XP, so I was a little concerned when I tried to activate Vista today and it complained about a DNS error, 0x8007232b.

After reading this thread, I found the solution. Right click on My Computer, select Properties, and click on Change product key at the bottom of the window. You’re then prompted to enter your key (I’m using MAK, but I assume KMS would work the same way), and Vista should connect to the internet and validate the key without any errors.

It’s a weird bug, and it seems like a lot of customers are running into it; not the type of thing I would expect to slip by QA. I hope it’s resolved by the time I start rolling out Vista to our users.

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