VMware Fusion release date announced

June 12, 2007

It looks like VMware Fusion should be available in August, and you can pre-order it now for $39; half off the normal price. Good news for me, since I recently ordered one of the new MacBook Pros and I’m looking forward to finally having some good virtualization options open to me.

VMware Fusion hasn’t really seemed to catch on yet, mainly (from what I’ve heard) because the beta has debugging commands turned on that incur a big performance penalty compared to Parallels. Hopefully this will be solved in the final release. Since I use VMware heavily at work, there’s never been much of a doubt I wouldn’t use it at home on my Mac as well. From what I’ve heard VMware Fusion virtual machines are (or will be) fully compatible with VMware Workstation 6, and that’s something I think will be great if it works well in practice.

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