A hack to use your iPhone’s Internet connection

July 31, 2007

From Ars Technica: Connect your computer to your iPhone’s EDGE. It’s a little complicated, but with some work it looks like you can use your iPhone to create an ad-hoc WiFi network, which you can then use to share your EDGE internet connection.

I’m glad to see this is possible, even though it’s a long way from being as easy to use as if it were a built in feature. My current cell phone is a Sony Ericsson w810i, which works amazingly well as a bluetooth internet connection for my MacBook Pro. I use it very infrequently, mostly when I’m working at a cafe without an internet connection or when I’m traveling. Even so, it’s so valuable when I do need it that I would have a hard time moving to any other phone (iPhone or otherwise) that doesn’t work the same way.

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