Hacking the iPhone

August 21, 2007

Good roundup at Ars Technica:

If you're an iPhone owner (and perhaps even if you're not), chances are you've at least kept an eye on iPhone hacks like the Turbo SIM unlock, as well as on application development progress. Perhaps you've gotten a few hacks working, or maybe you'd like to do more with your iPhone but get scared off by lots of command line mumbo-jumbo. No matter what group you fall into, improved tools like Installer.app and a slew of iPhone hacking guides will get your feet wet and allow you to do some more advanced tricks, all in no time flat.

It’s impressive what people have come up with in only a short amount of time. A lot of people were talking about hacking the iPhone back when the “no third party apps” thing was announced, but I wasn’t expecting this level of quality so soon.

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