David Heinemeier Hansson on Git

April 03, 2008

From David Heinemeier Hansson’s blog:

So given all that, I think the Git move is even more interesting. That camp is competing not only to convince people that a new paradigm is appropriate for many things, but also as that it, one-out-of-many, should be the one to embody it. I think they're going to get it. Killer apps makes or breaks any platform. With Github, I think the Git hub just scored one. Rails is going to be hosted there for the launch. Capistrano, Prototype, and Scriptaculous already moved there.

Besides lots of public projects moving to Git, I’ve noticed developers asking about it on message boards, wondering what the big deal with distributed source control is and how they can move their existing Subversion repositories. I started using Git last year, so I’m glad it’s gaining popularity. Based purely on rumors I’ve heard, Git’s big competitor Mecurial is slightly better, but lacks critical mass from the developer community (and the blog posts, tutorials and tips that come from it).

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