Cabel Sasser at C4[1]

April 12, 2008

I know it’s old, but last week I finally got around to watching Cabel Sasser’s C4[1] presentation.

Earlier this year I gave a talk (my first public presentation ever, actually!) at Johnny Rentzsch's intimate and engaging C4[1] conference in Chicago. Despite nervousness, it was really great fun. We had just recently finished Coda, and with one hour to fill and a lot of Coda-related things still swirling around my mind, I pretty much just started talking. What followed was a whole lot of hyper-warp thoughts about all things Panic.

The presentation is great; lots of insight into the visual design process at Panic, and some of the challenges of developing Coda.

One of the more interesting parts was at the very end of the audience questions, where Cabel talks about the differences between developing a “big” application (Coda) and working on several tiny ones. Apparently the small applications each had enough feature requests and bugs that they took nearly as many resources and time as creating a larger application, only the smaller price tag meant only a fraction of the profits.

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