Coming soon: Runner’s Log 2.0

May 26, 2009

Those of you who are following me on Twitter have probably known about this for a while, but for everyone else I’d like to officially announce Runner’s Log 2.0, which I hope to release sometime later this year.

I’m very excited about this release. I’ve learned a lot of lessons since the first release of Runner’s Log, and I’m using this as an opportunity to fix some of the things I was never really satisfied with, as well as clean up and polish the entire UI. Best of all, I’m making some changes to the underlying data model that will both speed things up and allow for a lot of flexibility working with other applications and devices, including an iPhone companion app I’m planning.

If you’ve already bought Runner’s Log, good news; updates to version 2 will be free. If not, this really is the best time to purchase a license. Not only will you be supporting development, but you’ll be saving $5 since I plan to raise the price once 2.0 is released.

I’ll post screenshots and beta testing information as the release date draws near. In the meantime, please add your suggestions on the new Downtown Software House UserVoice feedback forum.

Marc Charbonneau is a mobile software engineer in Portland, OR. Want to reply to this article? Get in touch on Twitter @mbcharbonneau.