WeatherMin Approved for the Mac App Store!

January 30, 2011

I’m happy to announce the availability of WeatherMin on the Mac App Store! Like most Mac developers who are bringing software to the App Store, this is somewhat of an experiment for me. The Mac App Store is still in its early stages, and although my hopes are high I have no way of telling what the payoff will be or what unexpected issues might come up. For all the downsides though, I want to do my best to reach all my potential customers. It’s clear the App Store is the best way to do this.

For the time being I will continue to distribute WeatherMin through my own FastSpring online store, as well as release free updates with Sparkle. This is certainly more work on my end, but I think it’s the only fair way to treat existing customers who have already purchased a license.

Oh, and as part of the App Store experiment, I’m also lowering the price of WeatherMin. You can get it now for $4.99, either on the Mac App Store or my own online store. Enjoy!

Marc Charbonneau is a mobile software engineer in Portland, OR. Want to reply to this article? Get in touch on Twitter @mbcharbonneau.