Daniel Pasco talks about QA

July 26, 2014

Recently @dlpasco has been writing a series of excellent posts on the Black Pixel blog about how quality assurance works at his company:

Quality assurance is one of our most powerful secret weapons, and I’m not worried about being copied, because - as with other development concepts - simply going through the motions isn’t enough to make a difference. Besides, really good secrets continue to be useful even after being publicly disclosed.

I’ve never been on a team with a dedicated QA person, but I’ve still enjoyed Daniel’s insight. It’s good know just what works, since it’s very likely I’ll need that information one day.

More important though, there are tons of reminders about all the edge cases I ignore as a developer. I like to think I’m pretty good at testing, but looking at a chart like this I’m reminded about all the potential problems I rarely consider or knowingly ignore. That doesn’t mean I can’t do better in the future, though.

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